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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hello to all you fabulous Bloganistas and those of you in training... .
Can you put together the pictures and my caption?   Here in Pittsburgh we had horrendously torrential rains Friday night in to Saturday and my planted bed for my Weeping Cherry tree, Hostas,  Grasses and other perennials caved in to a Well that we didn't know was in our front garden.  It is a little over 4ft. perfectly round  and we have measured it to approx. 12 to 15 feet deep, that we can tell.  Seemingly about 100 years ago when the property was farmland the people pumped their water from this well.  (See my lovely wee tree hanging in there for dear life... .)  however, there is no sight of the bedding plants.  You can just see the rust encrusted pump, or part of it, still there.   It seems that this hole wasn't even 
filled in and to think that before we planted 
the tree and plants we used to run over it with the lawn tractor when we were cutting the grass.       I tell you.  Now we have to try to save my tree and figure out how to safely fill this hole in and ensure it doesn't erode over time.  I want my tree planted there again.  Okay, 'nuf said, I'm off to get a cuppa and see if I can settle down, really ticks me off.  Love to all, cheerio, toodle pips, ta ra, au revoir and all that jazz.   "E"

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Name of the Doctor --- Who???

Hello to all you fabulous Bloganistas and those of you in training... .
Well, how many of you watched the season's final episode this past Saturday night, the 18th of May???  I was left wondering what's going on 'cause in my last "personal" opinions of Matt Smith and his travelling companion, Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman), I believe, I was reserving my thoughts and said they had  a total of 5 years for me to warm up to them.  Seems Matt Smith had a 2-year contract with a 3 year extension;  however, he's all smitten with Hollywood  and some movie he is in "How to catch a Monster" he has all his hair shaved off -- I wonder if he's heard the expression "'s news is tomorrows' history... ." ( never know if it's 's or s' ) hey, guess what's just come on the telly again? yep, it's the season's final episode "The Name of the Doctor" so I am recording it, again.
From reading some of the Blogs, Matt will be back for the 2013-14 season that will not start here in the States until Saturday, 23rd November, due to this movie Matt Smith is appearing in - I'm sure Jenna-Louise Coleman will also be, as a recurring memory - just like Professor River Song, one classy lady -- Hello Sweetie.  I say this all the time but it never sounds the same, oh well, that's why she get's paid the big bucks.    
Alex Kingston has been a favourite of mine for a number of years and plays the roll of Professor River Song brilliantly.  We can only hope they keep on bringing her back in future episodes.  She is also an acclaimed stage actress and a member of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) and Shakespearean Actor.
Let's see what role the famous English actor John Hurt plays in the next season.
Okay, 'nuf said -- time to get on with the lesser important things in life... .  so cheerio, toodle pip, ta ra, au revoir and all that jazz.  Until next time.  Elizabeth                         

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spring is on it's way, well at least it's trying... .

Good Morning to all you fabulous Bloganistas and those of you in training... .
This is my beautiful Crab Apple tree in my back garden - each year she blooms and makes things perfect for a few days -- she starts out deep pink and in 2 days turns this lovely shade of pale pink - that's my bird bath to the right side of the tree - so all in all, everyone is happy.
We had really warm summer-like days last week then at the weekend it was back to winter - freezing temps at night and not much warmer during the day;  however, today the weather gurus say it will be 80 far. feast or famine when it comes to temps this time of the year.
Will soon be time to get the veggie patch tilled over and planted with the cukes, tomatoes and whatever else catches my fancy.   The Garlic and Chives are well on their way - I've already snipped some of the Chives for salads and mashed potatoes - yum.   I need to find out if I can safely freeze the Chives since I have so many and I am of the old school "...waste not want not... ."  Maybe it's the Scotch in me, no, not 80 proof but DNA.

I am becoming quite domesticated, no not to worry, only in the kitchen, how do you like the pic of my latest creation - an apple pie - tasted fab - Bob has become so delusional, he thinks this will be the norm every night, ha, have I got news for him.  The slots on top look like a spooky face, don't they!  
I have some Zucchini, Red and Green Peppers in the freezer so perhaps I'll get motivated this week and make a batch of relish.
Will be going to ceramics tonight - finally finishing a tall Wizard (have been toting it around with me since the early 1990's, so I'm glad to say all I need to do is add the fancy eyes and marble to top off his staff and then seal the paints - will be showing him, probably in my next posting.
Hey, the sun it shining - time to get on the shades and hit the garden -- so I'm going to say cheerio, toodle pips, ta ra, au revoir and all that jazz.  Buddy and Corey say Hi... 'til next time, love and happy trails to all, Elizabeth

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Update on The Doctor - No: 11

Hello to all you fabulous Bloganistas and those of you in training... .   Well, I gave it a month, 4 episodes in the new season -- my verdict is not quite in yet.  There is a marked difference between David Tennant and Matt Smith, such different styles -- David Tennant was a runner and Matt Smith is a yeller.  As for his new companion, well, not quite sold on her, she seems too proppa (proper).  Lets see what the next 5 years bring -- why 5 years, seems like this is how long each doctor lasts, or runs his course (catch it, runs).  Even the story themes are not quite there -- perhaps Steven Moffat and the writers need to go back to smoking what they used to.  Have you ever pondered the wild and wacky minds these writers etc., have been gifted with, I know it blows mine.
Well, keep in mind, these are my thoughts.  Nevertheless, since Dr. Who is part of my religion (kidding) I will journey on and adopt a different mind-set, hey, I've heard it said that change is good for the psyche.
Buddy and Corey had their visit to the Dawgy Parlour and, as usual, are looking very spiffy and gorgeous -- Buddy is presently sound asleep and snoring like a Banshee in heat (up on the sofa) and Corey, is in a similar mode beneath the coffee table
That is Corey looking at you and Buddy in front of him.  This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago.
Well my dear Bloganistas, time to get a move on trying to convince myself that the family room needs cleaned, perhaps a cup of PG Tips (tea) will put me in the mood.  So, until next time, cheerio, toodle pips, au revoir, ta ra and all that jazz.    "E"

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