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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey Day... .

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble -- Happy Thanksgiving to all you fabulous Bloganistas and those of you in training -- also, to my friends in other countries who do not celebrate this great holiday as is the tradition here in The United States of America.   It is full steam ahead this week getting the Turkey ready and the oh so good Stuffing and Gravy, Green Bean casserole, Sweet Potatoes topped with Marshmallows, Pumpkin-Cheesecake, Pumpkin Pie and all the trimming etc., ready for this upcoming Thursday, 27th November.  Those of you who are not familiar with the tradition of this Holiday, why not Google, or DuckDuckGo it - the history really is very interesting and goes back to the arrival of the British and European Pilgrim Settlers here in the New World.

Last Blog I told you I was making a tray of stuffed shells, so here is a picture of them before they went in to the oven.  They were so tasty and Bob was a happy camper when he helped himself to seconds.
Not too much to say today so I'll have "Sweetie Pie" here to wave you all adieu - so to those of you here in the States and all U.S. ex-pats living abroad let me, Bob and Corey wish you all a very Happy, Safe and Blessed Thanksgiving - take time to think on all the big and small things we need to give thanks for.  All-in-all when we look at what's happening in the World, we need take a moment and be Thankful for what we have and we can find this best in our Families and Friends.  Also, those of you in other countries who follow my Blog, please let me include you as my Friends - add your pictures and names.  So, for the time being, cheerio, toodle pips, au revoir and all that jazz.  Again,  Happy Thanksgiving.
Love to all, "E"

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Precursor to Thanksgiving... .

Well, Hello to all you fabulous Bloganistas and those of you in training... .
By now you've probably come to the conclusion that with me and my Blog, that it is either feast or famine.  Not to worry, just keep on checking-in with me -- never too controversial, but I'll always try to keep it interesting.

How do you like Fred and Ginger???   I named them after Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers (you know, they were movie actors in fancy dancing  movies of the '40's, 1940's that is, when you could sit through a film with your Granny and not be embarrassed) -- by now some of you know that I collect Salt & Pepper Shakers.  This time I decided to make these for my collection -- aren't they adorable?  I have them sitting on my kitchen windowsill so that I can see them when I am being industrious in the sink.  I have some other pieces in for firing and you'll see them soon.
Back in August when I celebrated my birthday, my sister and brother-in-law, knowing how I enjoy my garden, bought a one-way ticket for my own traveling garden gnome, whom I have named "Barney" here's his picture to the right.   
He enjoyed the Summer weather out on my front porch keeping an eye to some of my Cacti (I know it's not Cactuses) but somehow that sounds better.  
I hear he likes to travel around the Globe, but since he only had a one-way ticket purchased for him, he's stuck in Rennerdale.  Now that the colder days are nudging their way in, he's safely ensconced in the front hallway amongst the plants, where he is happiest.  Handsome li'l Bugga isn't he?

Okay, feast or famine needs to get a move on - for dinner tonight I'm making Stuffed Shells in a red meat sauce - no I don't have any pics just yet - maybe if the casserole looks half decent I'll take a pic of it and add it in my next Blog which will probably come around Thanksgiving the last Thursday in November. 
So, it's time for me to say  cheerio, toodle pips, ta ra, au revoir, arrivederci and all that jazz.  Corey send his love to you all, oh yes, he's sleeping on the sofa, really... .  "E"

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Hallowe'en 2014

Hello again to all you Fabulous Bloganistas and those of you in training... .
Once again I have been busy at ceramics, a little slower this time since I have missed many sessions due to my back/legs etc., what I mean is that I haven't been able to walk very well and the studio is up a very steep stairway, but not to worry, I've never died of Winter yet, nor am I likely to;  
My Chiropractor is slowly, but surely working wonders and Babalooee (Bob) bought me a special chair with a physio ball in it for the seat and it is really great. 
So, let me introduce you to The Ghosts of Hallowe'en, my Three Stooges, Larry, Harry and Mo these little guys were so much fun to make, each one has his own personality and are quite happy amongst the other pieces I have been making over the years. 
This picture to the right is one of my scenes that I have in the main hallway of the house.  If you scroll down to last Hallowe'en you will see Helga and Casper the Friendly Ghost.   I also made a serving dish that looks like the inside of a Pumpkin- Bob really likes this one since it gets filled with candies - okay, time to get ready for the wee Goblins who will be running up the front path to ring the door bell and get their treats.
So different from when I was growing up in Glasgow - when my cousins and I would go out Guising (trick or treating) we would have to sing a song or recite a poem before getting our treats, we also had to Dook for Apples - I think here in the states it's called Bobbing for Apples - anyhow, it all adds to the memories, all of them so good.

Okay, ta ra, cheerio, toodle pips and all that jazz.  Corey says to say Hi... .
Take Care and be Happy - "E"

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Aumun Leaves Drift By My Window... .

Hello to all you Fabulous Bloganistas and those of you in training... .
Well, it is that time of year again -- tonight around 10:30p.m. Pittsburgh time - 3:30a.m. Glasgow time will see us in to the first day of autumn.  Halloween and all the Goblins, Gremlins and Ghouls will be getting ready to come out in force looking for their sugar-fixes at the end of October.  The stores have been bombarding us with Halloween "stuff" as a matter of fact, the other day when I was in Kohl's (my favourite hang-out for spending me pennies) the decorations etc., were all on sale alongside the Christmas decorations, oh boy. We'll spend our weekends raking up the leaves - when I say "we" I really mean Bob.
Nothing too much going on in Rennerdale, same old same old.    
Had Corey to the vet last week and he is doing well considering he'll be 14 on Christmas Day so he is slowing down a bit - not that he was ever an active, exciting wee dog, however, he's just my speed. The Vet told me that Corey has a heart murmur so he needs to be spoiled even more than before   With his legs being so short, Bob built him a ramp from the kitchen down in to the family room, this helps him get down and out through the doggy door to take care of Paisley and the surrounding areas.   This is him swaggering down (Bob had already put in a half-step for our wee McTavish who also had trouble a couple of years back getting up and down the "3" stairs") however, Corey needs the Full Monty - notice it even has carpet on it.  He has the best time toddling up and down at least 50 times a day.
I'm glad to report that the back surgeon said he will not operate on my back (this is great)  he sent me to a Chiropractor (the Witch Doctors of the medical profession -- I believe his manipulations etc., are helping a little - time will tell.
Well, until next time, Corey and I bid you a fond farewell, cheerio, toodle pips, ta ra, au revoir and all that jazz.  Be good, Be Safe.  "E"

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Planning my trip Back Home to Glasgow... .

Hello to all you fabulous Bloganistas and those of you in training... .
This is a picture of The Pittsburgh Incline and the Point at the Three Rivers (Allegheny, Monongahela flowing into the Ohio.) 
Finally getting ready to buy my ticket to head across the Pond and visit my auld stompin' ground, Glesca (Glasgow) .
I had originally planned on going home this past March, unfortunately the pain and agony wouldn't allow - I have seen so many specialists that I am ready to scream (hear the lion roar).   Will be going for a series of injections on the 5th and 12th of May and, God Willing and meds permitting, will be up, up and away on United Airlines on Tuesday the 13th.  I'll be home for a number of weeks and the best of it will be visiting with my Aunt Emily, a very special lady, can you believe I've known her all my life... .  She's my Mum's sister.  Will also visit with my cousins, both on my Mum's side of the family and also my Dad's, also my sister and brother-in-law.
Everyone here at 16 Tomey Road is keeping in good health -- we planted a few more trees this past Easter weekend, Cleveland Flowering Pear Trees (no fruit, only flowers) - the warm weather always brings out the weekend warriors and come Monday it's Ben Gay time for the aches and pains.
We had a bad scare on Easter Sunday with Kya, our son Robert's dog, she underwent emergency surgery, and we are waiting the pathology results sometime this week - she will be in doggy hospital 'til later this week - so far, so good.
Well, time to get a move on and have another cup of tea, Taylor's of Harrogate (Harry, recognise the name!!!) 
So time to say cheerio, toodle pips, au revoir, ta ra and all that jazz.  Corey says to say hello.  Love to all, Elizabeth, "Liz", Beth and a few other names we won't mention. Bye!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fun in frozen Pittsburgh... .

Hello to all you fabulous Bloganistas, here I am again - just took this picture of Babalooee (aka Bob) trying to clear our driveway - he looks the picture of happiness and bliss.   Last year our son, Robert, bought this snow blower for his Dad to use and we didn't have much snow - this year is another story.  We would have brokey backs if we didn't have it and had to use the shovel.  What was it the weather forecasters named it, The Polar Vortex, cold was putting it mildly.  We had to shovel the snow out back where wee Corey takes care of Paisley (business) and he was quite pleased 'cause the snow came up over his back so couldn't risk him getting lost in the frozen white canyons of Tomey Road.  
This upcoming week warmer weather should be coming in, around 40 farenheit, like a heatwave.  To warm Bob up I got out my slow cooker and made a lovely big pot of Chili - not bad Willis, not bad.
and he has the cheek to say I don't cook, ha. 
So, a good meal was had by all.
Well, it's that time again when I am planning another trip back home, need an infusion of Haggis, Black Pudding, etc., and etc.,  Will probably be going the 4th of March getting back the first week in April.   I know the weather won't be all hot and humid in March, but let's face it, you don't go to Scotland to get a suntan, you go to see family and enjoy the unbelievable scenery.  Once I pick up my ticket this weekend, I'll be adding more info.   So until next time, Corey says to say Hi and Bye - cheerio, toodle pips, ta ra, au revoir and all that jazz.  Take care and be good, well, don't be too good.  "E"

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Hogmanay an' aw ra best tae ye all for 2014... .

Hello to all you wonderful Bloganistas --- Can you believe it, here we are at 5p.m. on Hogmanay (New Years Eve to those who are not Scottish, Irish or English and in The Know). To the left is  my Wee Fella, he is my favourite Gargoyle;  I've had him for some 20 years and way back then I christened him "Oh Shit".  He has always sat at an entryway to my home -- each Season I have him dressed up in a different costume (I buy the costumes at Petco, a pet supplies store)  I usually buy thingies for a Chihuahua pooch and, as you know, they are the wee doggies of the canine world -- on the 25th of January (birthday of the famous Scottish Bard, I have made for him a Scottish Tartan Tammy with a wee toorie on his bonnet... .at Easter he has his Easter Bonnet and at Thanksgiving I have made him a Pilgrims hat.
2013 has been a year of mixed emotions, however, I do not want to relive them, so my dear "Mother of the Universe" - get your London derriere in gear and get on with it and make our lives easier to get on with life.
Here we have a picture of The Point in Pittsburgh - you are looking at the new football arena, Heinz Field (yep Heinz after the Ketchup, Beans and the old nom de plum, Heinz 57... . it sits on the Ohio River and is extremely, visually impressive, day or night.
By now you all know that my passion is ceramics, so here is my latest offering - I made this for a 
 very special friend. She collects Christmnas Houses 
and, as I keep my Santa Clauses out all year, Anna also keeps her Christmas Houses on display on her mantle-piece.  
Well. I could keep  on going, however, I am going to close here for this year -- Wee Corey, you remember him, and I are wishing each and every one of you a Happy Hogmanay and a Safe, Healthy and a Very Happy New Year - Here's tae us, wha's like us, damned few and they're aw died..,. .  Let me wish each and every one of you a Happy, Safe and Blessed New Year -- ta ra, toodle pips and aw ra best... .   "Liz" and Corey.

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