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Friday, July 24, 2015

In my dreams... .

Hi to all you fabulous Bloganistas and those of you in training.

Don't I wish this was me out jogging with Corey, but that is coming. Well, I've survived the second hip replacement and now each day is a blessing and one step closer to being completely pain free - the muscles and incision are still giving me a run for my money but that's okay, I know the light at the end of the tunnel isn't a train.

My garden is so overgrown - between the weeds and the perennials it looks like a mini jungle.  The birds are having a field day at the feeder but I have to keep an eye out for the huge Hawk, he's been screeching all morning, and sits up in the trees checking out the squirrels and chipmunks.  Sad to say the chipmunk wouldn't be a loss, even though he is a bonnie wee thing, but he's at the top of my hit list at the moment since he, and his gang, have eaten all my bulbs and seedlings.  I found something online called "Critter Ridder" it's an animal/rodent repellant so I'll need to get some and use it. 

Well, not much to say at the moment so I'll close here and wish you all a great day.  As usual, Corey is lounging on the sofa snoring away like a Banshee in heat, at almost 16 years old what else is there for him to do.
For the time being I'll just say cheerio, toodle pips, au revoir and all that jazz. Luv ya all, "E"


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Here we go again... .

Hello to all you fabulous Bloganistas and those of you in training... Well, as the caption says,  here we ago again - that's right, I'm heading back in to hospital this upcoming Monday, 29th, to have my right hip replaced - so once all the slicing and dicing is completed, I will be on the road to recovery and when all the healing is done, you can call me the Energizer Bunny or maybe the Bionic Woman  (bet not too many of you reading this even know who the Bionic Woman was -- Lindsay Wagner, she was the female counterpart to the Bionic Man -- Lee Majors,  oh well.)

My left hip is well on the road to being totally healed - when I saw the x-rays at Dr. Smith's office I was fascinated when I saw the Unit in my hip -- next time I have x-rays taken I am going to have a picture of it for myself -- macabre, maybe but as I said, fascinating.

I've been busy cooking and stock-piling the freezer with casseroles so we'll have food to eat while I am getting back on my feet.  Bob can't/doesn't cook and he told me he has no intentions of learning.  He says peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are fine by him, yuk, can you imagine - I don't even like peanuts - maybe I need to make Hazelnut or Brazil Nut butter, now that's some good eating.

Haven't been able to plant my veggie garden this year so I have no pics to show my harvest - I'll need to make up for it next Spring - that means Bob will need to dig up the garden for me.  Always amaze myself at the little chores I manage to dig up (excuse the pun) for him to do.

Corey is, as always, sleeping -- he's an old boy 15 and a half and he's really slowing down and doesn't see very well, but there is nothing wrong with his sense of smell - he can always tell when Bob and I are having a meal and once hme's mooched from us, he then goes and eats his meal, has a drink and then heads back to bed until it's time for his nightly saunter in the garden.

Okay, until next time, I'll say cheerio, toodle pips, au revoir, awe ra best and all that jazz.  Love to all, Elizabeth, "Liz" Beth and a few other names not fit for printing.    

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hippity Hop, Here she comes again... .

Hello to all you fabulous Bloganistas -- well, I survived the operation - it went very well - I was really pampered in the hospital, Sewickley Valley Hospital - the nurses, aides, physical therapists etc., were all excellent and so very caring, oh, and did I mention the doctors too - the nurses were calling me Mrs. Doubtfire, guess that was because of my Scottish accent.

That morning on Monday 16 March when I was first taken in to the operating room there were two anaesthesiologists, Matt and Jim who really made me feel at ease - the last I remember was Jim telling me to lay my head on his shoulder, and, of course, I started to sing the following words to the old song -- "...hold me in your arms bay-bee... ."  and the next thing I knew I was wakening up in the recovery room with Bob and Robert sitting with me.
The convalescence/recovery is being more of a pain in my LondonDerriere
than the operation itself.  So much you have to be aware of - all the do's and don'ts, but in the long run it is paying off.  
 I am now back to driving again, wheeeeeee!!! in the beginning all Bob heard out of me was "...I can't wait to get back to driving again - I'm so fed up being stuck in the house, etc., etc.,... ."  well, now that I can, I've only been behind the wheel once when I went to Dr. Smith's office to pick up a prescription.  Isn't it funny, when you can't you want to, and when you can, you don't.  Oh well,
I was upgraded from my Walker Frame about 6 weeks ago and was walking with my fancy dancey cane, one of those HurryCanes that fold-up. - bright red with lots of glittery stickers all over it, my addition to an otherwise plain  metal stick.
10 days ago I was told I could put the cane aside -- I do this in the house, but outside I like to keep it handy 'cause my right leg/hip is really very painful - that being said, I am scheduled to have my right hip replaced on Monday 29 June - just call me the Bionic Woman.
Poor Bob, he can't cook to save his life, although he does make a mean pot of tea and bowl of porridge, oh don't forget the toast and frozen chicken Pot Pies.   I think the worst part of this whole thing for him was having to put the white elastic stockings on me every morning.  So he has this to look forward to, again, in a few weeks, but not to worry, that only lasts for about 3 or 4 weeks.
Okay, time to get some lunch -- as usual Corey is snoring away at my side, so I'll say cheerio, toodle pips, ta ra, au revoir and all that jazz.  Take care and stay safe until I add to the Saga of my Hips... . Love to all, "E"

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hippity Hoppin' along... .

Hello to all you fabulous Bloganistas and those of you in training.   
Well, the time has come, yours truly will be heading in to Sewickley Valley Hospital, on Monday the 16th to get her old hip replaced with a new State-of-the-art one.   Was supposed to have gone on the 2nd but Mother Nature had other ideas, so I have to wait until the lungs are clear and healthier.
I'll be getting my own Zimmer/Walker Frame and a few other goodies to take home with me, oh glee and joy!!!
I have been told I'll be more or less house bound for about 6 weeks, stir crazy I'll be, but I'll take a few poor unsuspecting souls with me.  All joking aside, Bob has been absolutely fabulous in helping although I do admit it gets a wee bit annoying after you've heard "... you're not supposed to do that, let me do it for you... ." (beggars can't be choosers) can only imagine what he'll be like when I am really needing help.  Not going in to a rehab centre - the physical therapist will come to the house a couple of times and once I am on the road again, Bleep, Bleep Road Runner, I can get myself to PT - I'll probably go all ga ga the first time I am out.  Notice I didn't say "allowed" just that I'll be going out.
I thought I had better get this done now since, knowing me, I'll forget - I just wanted you all to see my great cartoon of the Auld Gal and her frame above -- however, let's hope the nurses are, well, somewhat more, well, you know what I mean... .  This nurse in the cartoon reminds me of Hattie Jacques from the "Carry On Gang"  an old comedy show from Britain -- I especially remember the skit where Hattie Jacques took Wilfred Hyde White's temperature with a Daffodil... . use your imagination.  I received a call from the hospital and I sign in at 7:45a.m. Monday 16th and the operation is scheduled for 9:45a.m. - 2 hours in recovery then I'm off to the races.  So far, the nurses I have met/spoken with are so very caring and extremely nice.
As usual, Corey is snoring away lying up on the couch and I'm off now to get a cuppa, so until next time, cheerio, toodle pips, ta ra, au revoir and all that jazz.  Love to all "E"

Friday, February 20, 2015

Baby it's cold outside... .

Hello to all you fabulous Bloganistas and those of you in training... .
If you have been watching the weather on TV you will see the beauty of Mother Nature in full swing.  We here in Southwestern Pennsylvania have not been as hard hit as the Northeast and we need to be thankful for small mercies.  That being said, we have not been spared the bitterly cold temps.  This morning the actual temperature was -10 degrees zero Fahrenheit and with the windchill factored in it was -28, cold enough to freeze the heir looms off a brass monkey. Our furnace hasn't stopped running in 5 days, so who would like to have my electric bill sent to them... .  Yours truly is hibernating with the teapot and the telly - Corey is snuggled up on the sofa snoring his wee head off.
Not much going on at the moment since I can't get out in to the garden so will wait until Spring arrives.  In the meantime, here are a few more pics and don't gloat too much if you are in a warm sunny climate.  Time to say cheerio, toodle pips, ta ra, au revoir and all that jazz. Until next time - Love to all "E"

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saying Cheerio to a Member of our Family... . ... .

Good morning to all you fabulous Bloganistas.
This is a difficult story to share with you and has taken me a few weeks to be able to tell you all about it.
On Tuesday, 13 January 2015, my son's Pal KYA of 15 years was tired of the struggle and decided it was time for her to cross over the Rainbow Bridge and be with her furry family cousins and run around in the sunshine in the beautiful green pastures and once again be free from pain, just waiting for the day when she can be with Robert and all of her family again.
Nothing much more I can say, so while Corey snores happily on the sofa, I will sign out and hope you are all keeping well.  "E"

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Hello to all you fabulous Bloganistas wishing each and every one of you, and yours, a safe, healthy and Happy New Year... .
Don't be terrified by the picture, this is what's lovingly known as a Muckle Coo, a Heilan' Stoat or a Highland Cow.
We, as usual, had a quiet Hogmanay (New Year's Eve) -- over the years, dodging other drivers we have come to the sensible (at least for us) conclusion that it's best if Bob and Moi to watch the festivities on the telly along with our wee dog Corey.
We here in Pittsburgh got our first snow fall, all 1" of it where we live south of the city.  Bob was out shoveling the snow 'cause we don't want it icing-up when the temps drop further, going down to 0 far. tonight.
Took down all the Christmas decorations yesterday and finished them today so now it's time to get out the polish and get the place all nice and sparkly - I've come to the decision that dust and cobwebs need to be banned from all interior surfaces, yeah, as if that's going to happen.
Looking forward to getting my Scottish Bluebells planted, however, I'll be planting them in large containers -- we have "Chippy the Chipmunk" who, to date, has snacked on all my bulbs.  He's cute but a bain in my gardening life.  This is him sunning himself on the sun dial.  
I've started looking in to my family history using and it's amazing what you can find - very confusing (I'm inclined to over-engineer things) and time consuming, however, I hope it will be very rewarding in the long run.  So anyone who known anything about my family relatives (Divers, Crossgrove, Taylor, Paton, Murray) and/or Bob's (his family names are Gall, Petrocelli (Petrozelli), DeCarlo, Macchaia) please let me know at my email.
It may be a new year but I've noticed a pile of soiled clothes in the laundry room and there are chicken thighs in the 'fridge that need to morph in to a big pot of chickie/veggie soup, so I am going to sign out here. 
Corey sends you all his best, he's snoozing up on the sofa just now, snoring away like a wee piggy in heat so I will bid you all farewell, adieu, cheerio, toodle pips, au revoir, ta ra and all that jazz.  Until next time - stay happy and warm.  Love to all, "E"

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