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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Hello all you wonderful Bloginistas out there.
We have been enjoying an Indian Summer here in The Burgh, however, yesterday the rains came in to the area and stayed all day;  then last night the high winds were whipping through the trees - I prayed we didn't get a repeat performance of a few weeks ago 'cause one of our trees fell over and knocked down some electrical lines and, of course, the local transformer exploded and we were all without electricity for a few days - generators are a wonderful thing... .
Now that the Goblins are behind us, we are all getting ready for the start of the countdown to Christmas, so here are a few lines to wish one and all a very Happy Thanksgiving - make sure you eat loads of Turkey and all the trimmings.  Be happy for what we have in our lives because sometimes we are too busy with everyday things that we don't realise just how truly fortunate we are.  Remember to love lots and especially tell everyone in our lives that "WE LOVE YOU".  Cheerio,  Toodle Pips, Gobble, Gobble, and all that jazz -- and as we say here in The Burgh,  Luv to yins all.  "Liz"   

Monday, November 1, 2010

Survived the Goblins!!!

Good Morning all you Seasoned Bloginistas!!!  Well, did you all survive the wee Ghouls and Goblins who came a-knocking at your door last night.  I always enjoy this Holiday seeing the faces of the children and how they keep an eye on how much candy you are dropping into their bags.  I noticed when I let them help themselves they only pick one piece, so I like to dole out lots of sweeties,  less for my husband Bob to guzzle on, although he does enjoy his fair share.

How do you like the new sides to my Blog - called Aqua Butterfly.   Sandie at  sent me a freebie website - I think she is testing me to see if I can follow instructions without jumping to my own conclusions... .   She knows me well. 

Today I need to take Bob's laptop computer for repair - so far he's had the cords etc., held in place with electrical tape, well that's not as bad as Duct Tape, or is it Duck Tape.   My Wee dog, MacTavish, a Llasa Apso (his sister Nessie went to Doggie Heaven on the 9th of August) they/he was 14 on the 1st of October and is blind (sees shadows) deaf and incontinent, is in his Den alongside me in the basement, he's enjoying his 40-winks and snoring away. Here is a picture of them, the loves of my life.  (Nessie is the Blonde, like her Mother, moi).

Well, time to get my London-derriere in gear and get on with the day.  Luv to all, talk with you soon.  

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