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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Should auld acquaintants be forgot... .

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Well, here we are having survived yet another year, no matter, we have all walked down the path of 2011 that has led us to a new long and winding road known as 2012.
This has been a year of loss for some and a year of being ever so thankful for what we have  accomplished.  So grateful for our friends, old and new, they are the ones who help us keep our "chins up" when we feel so sure we are at our tethers-end; they do not criticize us - they love us in spite of ourselves -  they comfort us when we have a tear in our eye, and giggle with us when we feel downright goofy.   You know, my Mother had a wonderful expression " never died o' Winter yet... ."  and the longer I live the "righter"  she was (please excuse the English).  Then there's our families - I wouldn't change mine for the world.  They love me for who I am, even if I do get up their noses - believe it or not, I do have my moments.  So let me wish each and every one of you everything you are wishing for yourselves and families in this New Year and most of all, keep on being yourselves.  Until next year, toodle pip, cheerio and all that jazz.  Luv ya's, "Elizabeth" xox

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