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Monday, March 2, 2015

Hippity Hoppin' along... .

Hello to all you fabulous Bloganistas and those of you in training.   
Well, the time has come, yours truly will be heading in to Sewickley Valley Hospital, on Monday the 16th to get her old hip replaced with a new State-of-the-art one.   Was supposed to have gone on the 2nd but Mother Nature had other ideas, so I have to wait until the lungs are clear and healthier.
I'll be getting my own Zimmer/Walker Frame and a few other goodies to take home with me, oh glee and joy!!!
I have been told I'll be more or less house bound for about 6 weeks, stir crazy I'll be, but I'll take a few poor unsuspecting souls with me.  All joking aside, Bob has been absolutely fabulous in helping although I do admit it gets a wee bit annoying after you've heard "... you're not supposed to do that, let me do it for you... ." (beggars can't be choosers) can only imagine what he'll be like when I am really needing help.  Not going in to a rehab centre - the physical therapist will come to the house a couple of times and once I am on the road again, Bleep, Bleep Road Runner, I can get myself to PT - I'll probably go all ga ga the first time I am out.  Notice I didn't say "allowed" just that I'll be going out.
I thought I had better get this done now since, knowing me, I'll forget - I just wanted you all to see my great cartoon of the Auld Gal and her frame above -- however, let's hope the nurses are, well, somewhat more, well, you know what I mean... .  This nurse in the cartoon reminds me of Hattie Jacques from the "Carry On Gang"  an old comedy show from Britain -- I especially remember the skit where Hattie Jacques took Wilfred Hyde White's temperature with a Daffodil... . use your imagination.  I received a call from the hospital and I sign in at 7:45a.m. Monday 16th and the operation is scheduled for 9:45a.m. - 2 hours in recovery then I'm off to the races.  So far, the nurses I have met/spoken with are so very caring and extremely nice.
As usual, Corey is snoring away lying up on the couch and I'm off now to get a cuppa, so until next time, cheerio, toodle pips, ta ra, au revoir and all that jazz.  Love to all "E"

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