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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saying Cheerio to a Member of our Family... . ... .

Good morning to all you fabulous Bloganistas.
This is a difficult story to share with you and has taken me a few weeks to be able to tell you all about it.
On Tuesday, 13 January 2015, my son's Pal KYA of 15 years was tired of the struggle and decided it was time for her to cross over the Rainbow Bridge and be with her furry family cousins and run around in the sunshine in the beautiful green pastures and once again be free from pain, just waiting for the day when she can be with Robert and all of her family again.
Nothing much more I can say, so while Corey snores happily on the sofa, I will sign out and hope you are all keeping well.  "E"

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Hello to all you fabulous Bloganistas wishing each and every one of you, and yours, a safe, healthy and Happy New Year... .
Don't be terrified by the picture, this is what's lovingly known as a Muckle Coo, a Heilan' Stoat or a Highland Cow.
We, as usual, had a quiet Hogmanay (New Year's Eve) -- over the years, dodging other drivers we have come to the sensible (at least for us) conclusion that it's best if Bob and Moi to watch the festivities on the telly along with our wee dog Corey.
We here in Pittsburgh got our first snow fall, all 1" of it where we live south of the city.  Bob was out shoveling the snow 'cause we don't want it icing-up when the temps drop further, going down to 0 far. tonight.
Took down all the Christmas decorations yesterday and finished them today so now it's time to get out the polish and get the place all nice and sparkly - I've come to the decision that dust and cobwebs need to be banned from all interior surfaces, yeah, as if that's going to happen.
Looking forward to getting my Scottish Bluebells planted, however, I'll be planting them in large containers -- we have "Chippy the Chipmunk" who, to date, has snacked on all my bulbs.  He's cute but a bain in my gardening life.  This is him sunning himself on the sun dial.  
I've started looking in to my family history using and it's amazing what you can find - very confusing (I'm inclined to over-engineer things) and time consuming, however, I hope it will be very rewarding in the long run.  So anyone who known anything about my family relatives (Divers, Crossgrove, Taylor, Paton, Murray) and/or Bob's (his family names are Gall, Petrocelli (Petrozelli), DeCarlo, Macchaia) please let me know at my email.
It may be a new year but I've noticed a pile of soiled clothes in the laundry room and there are chicken thighs in the 'fridge that need to morph in to a big pot of chickie/veggie soup, so I am going to sign out here. 
Corey sends you all his best, he's snoozing up on the sofa just now, snoring away like a wee piggy in heat so I will bid you all farewell, adieu, cheerio, toodle pips, au revoir, ta ra and all that jazz.  Until next time - stay happy and warm.  Love to all, "E"

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