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Thursday, July 7, 2011

July Update... .

Hi All you fabulous Bloganistas... .
Here I am again -- been a while since I last put contents into my Blog.  Have had a lot going on. I have been seeing doctors, specialists, etc., regarding my back and now my legs.  Back fella said my 3rd and 5th Vertebrae in Spine are totally capoot, said the crippling pain in my legs are not emanating from the back, so he sent me to see a Vein Specialist -- had ultra-sound done today (not looking good) anyhoo, will be seeing him on Monday 11th and we can go from there...  
Weather here in The Burgh is really hot, well, at least for me it is, (Polar Bears are my favourite animals) so I like it in the low to mid 70's. right now we are having high 80's mid 90's and the humidity level is a killer, of course, that's how it is in most of the States.  Really shouldn't complain when you look at the Mid-West States with their floods etc.
Hey, if you like this plate, I have it for sale - send me an email and I'll send you information on it -  selling for $35.00 plus shipping/handling  makes a fabulous gift for birthday, anniversary, wedding etc.,  So send me an email at 
Take care, cheerio, toodle pips, adios, and all that jazz... .
Luv to all,  "E"

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