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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Wee Pal "McTavish"

Hello to all you fabulous Bloganistas... .  I hope you all survived Thanksgiving and Black Friday, if you are so inclined - Bob and I had a lovely time with our son Robert and his doggy Kya, and we celebrated in our usual family fashion.  
This past weekend has been very sad for the Gall Household, our wee dog, McTavish, who survived his sister Nessie by 15 months, and has been with us for 15 years+ 1 month, fought the good fight, however, he decided it was time for him to go be with Nessie, so on Saturday, 26th November at 11:15a.m. we said our final farewell, and as we expected, he took a great chunk of our hearts with him.   I want to share a few thoughts as McTavish headed to "just this side of heaven to a place call Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bridge... .  When McTavish decided it was time to go to sleep, he knew it was time to go Somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge to be with his sister Nessie.  There are meadows and hills for Mac and all his family members before him and he and they are now all running around and playing. Healthy and free of the pains of growing old.  There is plenty of food (perhaps even the chicken, lambs liver, rice, etc., that I prepared for him) fresh water and warm sunshine where he and all his pals are feeling comfortable and happy and once again young.
All his pals, McTavish included, who have been ill and old are restored to young, healthy puppies as we remember them when we first became their family caretakers.  The wee guys are strong and full of life, except for one thing, I am not there to take care of him as I have for the past 15 years.  I know he had to go and so does he know the ache he has left in my heart.   McTavish is now running and playing with Nessie, Ginger, Kaiser, Tammy, Heather, Terry, Hotep, and the other doggies who have blessed my life.  His sight is no longer dimmed, his limbs now once again strong and he is running, faster and faster towards me, his Mum.  I have been spotted and when McTavish and I, and my other doggies finally meet, we cling and cuddle in a joyous reunion never again to be parted.  Their wee kisses and happy sounds soothe my aching heart,  and my hands, once again, caress their wee bodies and beloved heads.  I gaze once again in to their trusting eyes and see their love and I know that I gave them the best life and love I could have given them - then we, together, cross The Rainbow Bridge together never again to be parted and absent from my heart.
Those of you who have had pets, doggies or cats, will know the pain I am feeling, however, life does go on.  Again, time for me to say cheerio, toodle pips and what can I say... .  Luv to all, "Liz" xox

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