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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Planning my trip Back Home to Glasgow... .

Hello to all you fabulous Bloganistas and those of you in training... .
This is a picture of The Pittsburgh Incline and the Point at the Three Rivers (Allegheny, Monongahela flowing into the Ohio.) 
Finally getting ready to buy my ticket to head across the Pond and visit my auld stompin' ground, Glesca (Glasgow) .
I had originally planned on going home this past March, unfortunately the pain and agony wouldn't allow - I have seen so many specialists that I am ready to scream (hear the lion roar).   Will be going for a series of injections on the 5th and 12th of May and, God Willing and meds permitting, will be up, up and away on United Airlines on Tuesday the 13th.  I'll be home for a number of weeks and the best of it will be visiting with my Aunt Emily, a very special lady, can you believe I've known her all my life... .  She's my Mum's sister.  Will also visit with my cousins, both on my Mum's side of the family and also my Dad's, also my sister and brother-in-law.
Everyone here at 16 Tomey Road is keeping in good health -- we planted a few more trees this past Easter weekend, Cleveland Flowering Pear Trees (no fruit, only flowers) - the warm weather always brings out the weekend warriors and come Monday it's Ben Gay time for the aches and pains.
We had a bad scare on Easter Sunday with Kya, our son Robert's dog, she underwent emergency surgery, and we are waiting the pathology results sometime this week - she will be in doggy hospital 'til later this week - so far, so good.
Well, time to get a move on and have another cup of tea, Taylor's of Harrogate (Harry, recognise the name!!!) 
So time to say cheerio, toodle pips, au revoir, ta ra and all that jazz.  Corey says to say hello.  Love to all, Elizabeth, "Liz", Beth and a few other names we won't mention. Bye!

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