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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Well, Hello to all you fabulous Bloganistas -- Mum is busy right now (typing) so I thought I would introduce myself, Buddy (I'm to the right of the picture) and my brother Corey he's closest to the 'fridge, go figure... .
As I said, my name is Buddy and I am a young, playful 9 year old and my big brother Corey is 10 years young too.  We are just out of the bathtub after getting our bath and our toenay nails trimmed - that's why we look so gorgeous and fluffy.
For the past year and a half we were living in a Foster Home amongst other dogs, always vying for food and a crate in which to sleep  - although people came to look and admire us, they all said we were too old to adopt.  So we just hung in there with the kind lady who had been taking care of us as best she could.
You all probably know that Mum and Dad lost their two doggies, Nessie and MacTavish and they were so lonely without their wee pals.  As luck would have it, one day after Mum came home from Scotland, she was browsing through the internet and found us at (great site). Well, here we are 3 months later, gained weight, smell like, well, we'll leave it at gorgeous, and now have soft puffy pillows, sofas, beds, great food and treats, you name it and oh so much more -- more importantly, lots of love and healthy attention.
Well, it's time for Corey and I to get 40-winks up on the sofa before chow time tonight, so as Mum would say, cheerio, toodle pips, ta ra and all that jazz.  Luv to all, Buddy and Corey xox

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Early Summer News

Hello again to all you fabulous Bloganistas - well Summer will really be with us on the 22nd June, however, I believe Mother Nature forgot to tell the weather forecasters (well, they are always off the radar anyhoo).
You all know that my favourite hobby is Ceramics (see my Halloween Blog for other pieces) - let me introduce Mr. Walter Wobbly Legs - since his toeny nails are painted Fire Engine Red,  Bob calls him Alice, don't ask me why.  I'm busy with a couple of other projects and will show them to you as they are finished.  Personally, I think Mr. Walter is a real humdinger... .

I planted my wee garden with various tomato plants (9) lots of Salsa this year; Cucumbers (4); Banana Peppers (4) great stuffed and baked in crushed tomato sauce; Butter Squash (2) (one looks a wee bit straggly); Leaf Lettuce (2) from Anna; Spinach (2) & Chives (from my friend Anna); and, Cabbage (2) - not enough to address the World hunger situation, however, it is enough to keep a smile on my face, keep me busy and off the streets, oh well.  Here's a pic of the tomatoes and cukes and you can see the Banana Peppers in the lower front right.  
Because of the problem I am having just now with my back, my good friend Anna did most of the planting, also brought me loads of mulch and Black Gold (smashin' black compost).  Tonight we will be having a salad from the Leaf Lettuce, Basil and Mint herbs we bought at Bedner's a wonderful garden centre.  Will keep you up to snuff as the tomatoes and veggies ripen.
About my back - will be having a Spinal Injection (Epidural) on the 26th let's hope it gives me a lot of relief from the pain and I can be up and at-em again.  Until then, toodle pips, ta ra, cheerio and all that jazz.  Luv to all, "E" 

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