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Monday, March 21, 2016

Corey's Farewell

Hello to all you fabulous Bloganistas and those of you in training -- I meant to write this a few weeks ago but one thing and another had me postpone it, so here goes... .
Since last July 2015, the muscles in my legs have slowly been deteriorating,  I can still hear Mum saying I was staggering around like a Drunken Sailor.  My eye sight wasn't the best either - can't say the same for my appetite it was in top form.
Anyhow, as the months went bye it was obvious I wasn't going to get better - Mum spoke with the vet and he said my body was getting weaker, but I could hold on for a wee bit longer.  We saw Christmas in which, as usual was fun with lots of treats and pressies along with Robert's new dog Rika, and then Hogmanay and New Year's Day - so I made it in to my 16th year in people years and 112 in doggy years.
Then, Mum and Dad had to make the decision on what to do - so, on Saturday the 6th of February 2016, we made the journey to the Vet's office up in Wexford where we had to say our farewells..  Mum cuddled me and it felt so good (took the cuddles with me).  I fought the good fight but I was tired and wanted to be with my brother Buddy - at 11:20a.m. I made the journey towards the Rainbow Bridge where my Brother, and all my other family doggies were waiting for me and cheering me on with each step I took.
I want to share a few thoughts as I headed to "just this side of heaven to a place called Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bridge... .   Let me tell you about this place,  there are meadows and hills for me, Corey,  and all my family members who have gone before me - they are now all running around and playing. Healthy and free of the pains of growing old.  There is plenty of food (perhaps even the chicken, lambs liver, rice, etc., that Mum always cooked for me) fresh water and warm sunshine where I, and all my pals are feeling comfortable and happy and once again young.
All of my family pals, me included, who have been ill and old are restored to young, healthy puppies as we remember when we first became family members and Mum and Dad our caretakers.  We are strong and full of life, except for one thing, Mum is not there to take care of us as she has always done.  Mum and Dad know I had to go but that doesn't ease the ache this has left in their hearts.   I, Corey, am now running and playing with Buddy, Kya, Nessie, McTavish, Ginger, Kaiser, Tammy, Heather, Terry, Hotep, and the other doggies who have blessed Mum and Dad's lives.   My sight is no longer dimmed, my limbs now once again strong and I am  running, faster and faster towards my doggy family.  Hey, I can hear them calling my name and cheering me on, "...c'mon Corey, we've been waiting for you - I have been spotted - and when I, and my other pals finally meet, we will cling and cuddle in a joyous reunion never again to be parted. 
In parting, I leave these words in Mum's memories -- "... our wee kisses and happy sounds will soothe your aching heart,  and your hands, once again will caress our wee bodies and beloved heads.  You and Dad will gaze once again in to our trusting eyes and see our love and you both know that you gave all of us the best lives and love anyone could have given us.
It's me again, wee Corey, I am reaching the Rainbow Bridge - hey, I can hear them all calling for me to get a move on and, believe it or not, my wee legs are so strong and getting stronger.
One day Mum and Dad, along with all of us together, will cross The Rainbow Bridge together never again to be parted and absent from all of our hearts. 
It's now time for me to say my final farewells, cheerios, toodle pips, and all that jazz - I'll remember you all, always - here's a picture of me and my brother Buddy - he's the sleepy one to the front.  
Love Wee Corey  xox

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