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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lest We Forget... .

September 11 2001 - 2013

We have survived the best of times and the worst of times... .  

I have been watching the Memorial Service from New York City, The Pentagon and also Shanksville (80 miles south-east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where I live), although Shanksville does seem to be the forgotten tragedy, not receiving the same coverage that the other two sites are given.   My daughter was friends with one of the passengers on Flight 93 who lost her life that fateful day in Shanksville - and a young man, Pierre, who worked in the World Trade Centre No: 1 from whom I ordered by perfume on a regular basis, was also taken - my perfume has never seemed the same since that day.

These fire fighters to the left, are volunteers, and they need to be counted amongst the brave men and women who risk their lives, and those who work this profession on a daily basis, keeping us safe.  Please take a moment and no matter your beliefs, say a prayer in honour of those souls lost that day, their families and friends.  

The fire fighter in the front of the picture, is my son Robert.    Bye for now and God Bless.

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