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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Hogmanay an' aw ra best tae ye all for 2014... .

Hello to all you wonderful Bloganistas --- Can you believe it, here we are at 5p.m. on Hogmanay (New Years Eve to those who are not Scottish, Irish or English and in The Know). To the left is  my Wee Fella, he is my favourite Gargoyle;  I've had him for some 20 years and way back then I christened him "Oh Shit".  He has always sat at an entryway to my home -- each Season I have him dressed up in a different costume (I buy the costumes at Petco, a pet supplies store)  I usually buy thingies for a Chihuahua pooch and, as you know, they are the wee doggies of the canine world -- on the 25th of January (birthday of the famous Scottish Bard, I have made for him a Scottish Tartan Tammy with a wee toorie on his bonnet... .at Easter he has his Easter Bonnet and at Thanksgiving I have made him a Pilgrims hat.
2013 has been a year of mixed emotions, however, I do not want to relive them, so my dear "Mother of the Universe" - get your London derriere in gear and get on with it and make our lives easier to get on with life.
Here we have a picture of The Point in Pittsburgh - you are looking at the new football arena, Heinz Field (yep Heinz after the Ketchup, Beans and the old nom de plum, Heinz 57... . it sits on the Ohio River and is extremely, visually impressive, day or night.
By now you all know that my passion is ceramics, so here is my latest offering - I made this for a 
 very special friend. She collects Christmnas Houses 
and, as I keep my Santa Clauses out all year, Anna also keeps her Christmas Houses on display on her mantle-piece.  
Well. I could keep  on going, however, I am going to close here for this year -- Wee Corey, you remember him, and I are wishing each and every one of you a Happy Hogmanay and a Safe, Healthy and a Very Happy New Year - Here's tae us, wha's like us, damned few and they're aw died..,. .  Let me wish each and every one of you a Happy, Safe and Blessed New Year -- ta ra, toodle pips and aw ra best... .   "Liz" and Corey.

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