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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hippity Hop, Here she comes again... .

Hello to all you fabulous Bloganistas -- well, I survived the operation - it went very well - I was really pampered in the hospital, Sewickley Valley Hospital - the nurses, aides, physical therapists etc., were all excellent and so very caring, oh, and did I mention the doctors too - the nurses were calling me Mrs. Doubtfire, guess that was because of my Scottish accent.

That morning on Monday 16 March when I was first taken in to the operating room there were two anaesthesiologists, Matt and Jim who really made me feel at ease - the last I remember was Jim telling me to lay my head on his shoulder, and, of course, I started to sing the following words to the old song -- "...hold me in your arms bay-bee... ."  and the next thing I knew I was wakening up in the recovery room with Bob and Robert sitting with me.
The convalescence/recovery is being more of a pain in my LondonDerriere
than the operation itself.  So much you have to be aware of - all the do's and don'ts, but in the long run it is paying off.  
 I am now back to driving again, wheeeeeee!!! in the beginning all Bob heard out of me was "...I can't wait to get back to driving again - I'm so fed up being stuck in the house, etc., etc.,... ."  well, now that I can, I've only been behind the wheel once when I went to Dr. Smith's office to pick up a prescription.  Isn't it funny, when you can't you want to, and when you can, you don't.  Oh well,
I was upgraded from my Walker Frame about 6 weeks ago and was walking with my fancy dancey cane, one of those HurryCanes that fold-up. - bright red with lots of glittery stickers all over it, my addition to an otherwise plain  metal stick.
10 days ago I was told I could put the cane aside -- I do this in the house, but outside I like to keep it handy 'cause my right leg/hip is really very painful - that being said, I am scheduled to have my right hip replaced on Monday 29 June - just call me the Bionic Woman.
Poor Bob, he can't cook to save his life, although he does make a mean pot of tea and bowl of porridge, oh don't forget the toast and frozen chicken Pot Pies.   I think the worst part of this whole thing for him was having to put the white elastic stockings on me every morning.  So he has this to look forward to, again, in a few weeks, but not to worry, that only lasts for about 3 or 4 weeks.
Okay, time to get some lunch -- as usual Corey is snoring away at my side, so I'll say cheerio, toodle pips, ta ra, au revoir and all that jazz.  Take care and stay safe until I add to the Saga of my Hips... . Love to all, "E"

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