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Saturday, January 14, 2017

...and so starts another year.

Well, here we go again, another day and another New Year - let's hope it is kinder than the one we have just left behind, so, to all you fabulous Bloganistas and those of you in training, here's to 2017.

Do you remember last September I told you about the problem we had with Bob's car and then being ripped off by the garage shop who was supposed to repair it at Voloskie Automotive in Oakdale, Pennsylvania, and of course, financially, they used my credit card for purchases that I knew nothing about.  I gave them the card initially to tow it in to their shop at a cost of $800.00, anyhow, as we discovered $2,500.00 later, we were in a bind yet needed the vehicle back.  Filed a complaint with the credit card company, American Airlines Card and there is an ongoing dispute, however, get this little gem of information, because I gave them my card to pay for the $800.00 cost to tow the vehicle to their shop, according to the card company, I gave them permission to use my card for whatever... .  even though I knew nothing about the other charges that have no receipts, really.

Well, the car engine broke again and it is now back in another shop to have a new transmission installed, we can get a reconditioned one -- the new place that is a nationwide company, has given Bob a written report stating that the work Voloskie's Automotive did was done incorrectly and they also created other damages to parts, so, we are back to being a one car household, for the time being, and this time it is going to be back in the boxing arena to get this taken care of and let's hope for the last time until Bob trades it in for another vehicle.  

I'm working away at my website and really enjoying adding to the many products - it is really good  describing the garments and jewellery, makes the wee grey cells work. Here is a photo of my business card

It shows a display of the Aran Sweaters, Tammy, scarf and gloves.  If you go in to the website you can see all the other products that live up to the name, Luxurious... .  so as the card indicates,  Come browse and experience... . The Wrap of Luxury (r) at 

We had some very severely cold weather these last couple of weeks, and now this past Thursday it was 64 degrees Farenheit and this weekend the cold icy weather is back in again.  It's no wonder everyone is sick - I have been laid-up with a bad chest infection, actually I don't think there is such a thing as a good chest infection.  The meds seem to be working - still not out of the woods, but I am a lot better than through this past week.   Now, for good measure, Bob has decided to get sick - ladies out there, have any of you lived in the same abode as a man with the 'flu???  Makes a root canal feel like a walk in the park.  I keep on telling myself "...this too will pass... ."

Okay my dear Bloganistas, time to scat and add some more information to my Website Blog - hey, did I tell you that I have created a page on Facebook at - give it a whirl and see what you think.  I am trying to get it out and in to as many social media "thingies" as I can 'cause I can't afford the mega bucks to advertise with Google, Yahoo and the other Big Boys.  Time to say good night, toodle pips, cheerio, au revoir ta ra and all that jazz.  Susie says good night and pleasant dreams also... .  Until next time, take care and in times when you think you'd like to run and hide,  maybe you could close your eyes and remember everything good.  Love to all, Elizabeth xox

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